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Maria’s Story

I was born and bred in Spain up until the age of 19 and then came to the UK and remain living there to this day.

I love my family and remain in close contact with them. I am a mother to my gorgeous 3 year old daughter, Skylar. I love working from home around my quality time with her, before she goes off and starts school.

I wasn’t always a stay at home mum though, LOL! I studied Business and Finance and specialised in International Office Management with French and Spanish for Business. I was working in sales for about 9 years before I started to earn an extra income on a part-time basis around my full-time job. 2 years later I became full-time because my part-time income far exceeded my full-time job’s income. So all in all I have over 8 years experience in internet marketing and coaching people wishing to accomplish their goals.

Yes, I have had my knocks in life and learnt from them, as I believe them to be opportunities disguised as learning curves and they happen for a reason. Here is the thing, in my eyes, life IS a bed of roses… you have just got to look out for the thorns.

I do not watch the news on TV. I do not buy newspapers. I do not listen to the radio news (I switch it off or change channel). I do it so that no negativity enters into my thoughts. I think “I can” instead of “I can’t” and I think of the word “when” instead of the word“if”.

I can honestly say that I truly have a natural caring gift of enjoying helping others.

My goal is to help people succeed in their business and meet their goals.

To your success!

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