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I can help you in developing a customised strategic marketing campaign which takes full advantage of social media solutions on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Xing, blogs and/or other social community websites to meet your marketing targets. I offer services such as CONSULTATION, TRAINING, ARRANGE SET-UP & SOCIAL ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT.

I will assess your presence online, this will include your website, traffic analytics, e-marketing campaigns, video marketing and track ROI of your social media campaigns with real-time reports. Once I have reviewed everything, there will be a 30 minute follow-up call with you and I will provide you with my opinion and a recommended social media course of action report for your business in order to maximise your online exposure and assist you with the results you are longing for.

Do you require assistance with your social media marketing strategy? I offer training on a one-to-one basis, in-house corporate consultation and/or for a small number of people via webinar.  I work with customised training and you are more than welcome to contact me for a specific quotation.

You can choose one or more social media profiles that you would like me to set up for you (please note that all pictures, video, etc… are to be supplied by you), I will teach you how to use them and assist you with the integration of each profile with your current website and/or blog.  If you have received a report from me based on my recommendation guidelines for social media specific to your company, I can put it into action on your behalf.

You may choose from the following profiles: Digg, Facebook Group, Facebook Personal Profile, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Xing and more. Please contact me for a customised package & quotation and possibly add other social media platforms to your list.

Blog Creation
I can create and customise your blog from the word “go”. I use  WordPress for this but I can acommodate your requirements to other blogs that are not WordPress if you wish and I will expect you to provide me with all the pictures, videos, etc…

Facebook Fundamental Fan Page
I can create your Facebook Fan Page with one customised tab. I will expect you to provide me with all the pictures, videos, etc…

Facebook Supreme Fan Page
I can customise the design of a Facebook Fan Page for your business. The fan page will consist of:

  • Customised Welcome Tab with your Opt-in E-mail Box, Social Media Widgets & Video
  • Customised brand picture (Fan Page Avatar Symbol)
  • Blog import
  • RSS feed
  • YouTube video tab
  • Twitter feed tab

I will expect you to provide us with all the pictures, videos, etc….

*Graphics design is not included with these packages.  Please request a quotation.

I can assist you with the management of your social profiles and online exposure to make certain that you connect productively with your viewers and achieve top profitability from the social media network. I have monthly management packages and it consists of a customised online review and social media recommendation report.

Basic Level Package
This basic monthly social media management package consists of:

  • one automated status update on up to 2 social platforms (the client is expected to supply the text)
  • elimination of unwelcome comments and/or messages on up to 2 social platforms
  • accept “friend requests” and “follows” on up to 2 networks
  • basic profile maintenance on up to 2 networks

Luxurious Package
Luxurious monthly social media maintenance package consists of the features of the Basic  Level Package on 3 networks AND consultation of marketing strategies. I will hold conference a weekly 30 minutes conference call and I will offer you advice on viral social media, improvised campaigns,  competitions and social media applications.

  • up to 4 status updates/day on 3 social platforms (the client is expected to supply the text)
  • basic monthly management on 3 social platforms
  • increase viewers on 3 social platforms
  • reviewing the trustworthiness of the brand, name and/or company as a whole on 3 social platforms and Google warnings
  • consultation of marketing strategies
  • weekly 30-minute conference call for strategic consultation purposes

Royal Package
You can select any 4 social platforms plus a blog.
This monthly social media maintenance package has been created specifically for large business organisations or for businesses and/or individuals with a large and solid social media exposure. I will work together with your marketing people when managing your online social media globe. This package includes the following elements:

  • Consultation of strategic planning
  • Campaign design
  • Connection with viewers
  • Manage trustworthiness/reputation
  • Content innvovation
  • Content distribution
  • Blog maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • and much more


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